Parties & Private Events

The Brooklyn Strategist offers fun-filled parties for all ages - from 6 to 106! Our staff will take care of everything from set-up and clean-up to coordinating activities.

Standard Package Open Library:

  • $450 for up to 12 guests (2 tables) for 2.5 hours
  • Staffing, all set up and clean up
  • Add pizza, drinks, cupcakes, balloons, gift bags… for an additional charge
A $225 deposit is required to secure your day and time. $20 for each additional guest. $60 for additional ‘adult’ table. Although the deposit is nonrefundable, allowances can be made for changing your day or time based on availability.

Private parties, larger groups and off-premise events are available as well.


Call 718-576-3035 or email us to reserve your spot!


Party Options:


All Ages
Guests and attendees may choose from our library of over 400 games. Our staff will facilitate game play and attendees are free to pick and choose any and all games.


All Ages
If there is a particular game or genre of interest, we can run a themed party. Examples of themed parties include sporting games, word games, chess tournaments, Magic Drafts and Role Playing Games including D&D, Pathfinder and other well-known LARPs. We'll work with you to tailor a game or group of games to fit your party's interest. Other party varieties are available - just ask!


Has your young one shown interest in table top strategy gaming? Sign them up for our introductory Warhammer party where they will learn the fundamentals of building, painting, and playing with their warrior miniatures in an intense and fun game of magic, monsters, mighty heroes, and epic battles. Models, paints, and gaming material all provided.


Does your War-gammer already have a well-rounded knowledge on wargamming and has his/her own minis? Sign them up for our advanced party and let him test his mettle with his own collection against his friends and theirs. Store models will be available for use. No painting or assembly during this class.


13 Years Old +
Take on the role of the butler, the socialite or even the police inspector, as murder, mystery and mayhem unravel around you. Find yourself double dealing and trying to protect your own dark past while at the same time gleaning the information that will enable you to solve the crime. Your guests will never forget what happens to them... provided they live to tell the tale.


We can create a specialized event for up to three hours for your group:
  • DM/GM $150
  • Designated staff person: $100
  • Table reservations $50 each
  • Each participant: $10