Online Camp 2020

Schedule Options:
Full Day - 9am- 4pm (Member $117; Non-Member: $130) | Full Week $605 Non-Member / $545 Member       

AM Half Days - 9am - 12pm (Member $54; Non-Member $60) | $300 Non-Member / $270 Member

PM Half Days - 1:00pm-4pm (Member $54; Non-Member $60) | $300 Non-Member / $270 Member 


Mornings are ideal for exploring and learning new games in a relaxed and supportive environment.

We'll be offering a variety of options, listed below:

In Creative Game Design, campers explore game mechanics, create original games, and develop game materials. Campers immerse themselves in an investigation of the mechanics, illustrations, and interactivity inherent to strategic board game design. We encourage campers to design based on what they know and what skills they have acquired during activities, and they are given the opportunity to test their game mechanics in actual play.

In Board Games Online, campers get the opportunity to play their favorite board games and combine sportsmanship, strategy, and socializing.  Counselors will guide them through a curated selection of games aimed at building both their tactical skills and fluency with articulation and discussion of strategy.  It's a new format for the same great time!

In Morning Chess Club, developing minds learn how Chess pieces move and how best to organize approach and defense strategies. No experience with Chess is necessary to join this club.


Afternoons build on the skills explored earlier in the day, and allow campers to focus more deeply on their choice of mechanics and specific areas of interest. Campers have the opportunity to sign up for an activity of their choice. Available options may include League/Tournament Play, Role Playing Games, Wargaming, and Board Games.

League/Tournament Play focuses on promoting good-spirited tournament style play, teaching the rules of specific games (eg: Pokemon, Magic, Scrabble, Chess, Dominion), and determining point values and rankings when appropriate.

Tabletop Role Playing Games are narrative systems and encourage cooperation, decision-making and creative thinking. Popular systems for campers include Dungeons and Dragons, Cypher System, Star Wars Roleplaying Game, and various indie RPGs well suited to one-time sessions.

Magic: The Gathering In this tactical trading card game, students will take on the same calculating reasoning and problem-solving challenges as the original paper game. To ensure your child is ready, please make sure you have Arena downloaded and ready to go, if you have a PC, or Epic Battle and Arena if you have a Mac. This class will not work on computers that are not PC or Mac, such as chromebooks or iPads.

Board Games Counselors will select a variety of games appropriate for each age group. Afternoon groups explore different strategic approaches for game success and continue to focus on good sportsmanship.