Events & Leagues for Adults

We offer a homey play space for both game lovers & new players. Check out our regularly scheduled events, leagues and tournament play, weeknights and all weekend long.

Every day of the week we have games, meet-ups and Walk-In Play using our extensive library. We can teach you a new game, host you and your friends for a regular game night, provide a fun place for date night, help you meet up with like-minded players and generally immerse yourself in strategic game play at every level and interest.

RPG (Role Playing Games)

Embark on epic adventures through worlds of sword and sorcery, urban tech, thrilling dystopias, horrific histories and more! Roleplaying games (RPGs) are a collaborative storytelling experience that put you at the center of the action. Adventure awaits at the limit of your imagination and the roll of the dice! 

Want to know how to grab a seat at the table? The Brooklyn Strategist offers multiple ways to play! 


The Adventure Zone at The Brooklyn Strategist

Do you love The Adventure Zone? We do too! Carey Pietsch, the artist who brought this podcast to the pages of a graphic novel, will be in our store for a book signing event.

We will be selling the book at the event to be autographed for free! If you already own one, you can bring it and get it autographed with your $10 walk-in fee.

That's not all though! Join us that night as we'll have our volunteer Dungeon Masters running a module written by Griffin McElroy himself! Our DMs will be supplied with the module to run that night, and we can send you home with a copy to run for your friends.

Email our RPG Coordinator at to let us know that you are going to join the event!